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Treating root causes of endometriosis & POTS symptoms

Helping women


endometriosis & POTS



I'm a proud mom of three wonderful boys and a double-degree qualified naturopath and clinical nutritionist. My own journey began with painful periods at just 11 years old, coupled with digestive troubles diagnosed as IBS. For YEARS, I was passed from doctor to doctor until I finally saw an endo expert 12 years later, who performed a laparoscopy (and excision).


They found that I had adenomyosis, endometriosis lesions, chocolate cysts and adhesions. Endo was removed from my bowel, bladder, uterus, pelvic ligaments and ovaries. It was a relief to finally get a diagnosis! It’s been a long journey since then, I've been on and off medicines & dealing with many challenges.


I have been off synthetic hormones for almost 10 years and very rarely take anti-inflammatories for pain relief these days. I also have POTS! The way I manage my health is with a personalised holistic approach.


I am here to serve the endo community. My genuine desire is to help nurture you in order to support your healing. I have accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experiences from being a clinician AND patient dealing with endo. Because of this, I assure you with confidence that what I bring is authentic and of the utmost quality.



I specialise in uncovering and addressing the underlying factors contributing to your endometriosis and related conditions.


My approach incorporates advanced integrative testing, herbal and nutritional therapies, along with personalised dietary and lifestyle recommendations for your healing journey.



Exclusive Endometriosis Support Package

My signature offer, 3 months of bespoke 1:1 naturopathic

treatment focused on treating the ROOT causes of your endometriosis


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E-books and digital resources


Explore meal guides and recipes to support your endo journey. 


Gut Love - The Good Gut Protocol

A 12 week group journey with Kimberly embracing a naturopathic approach for a gut reboot, recovery and overall TLC.


EndoHarmony Program- COMING SOON!

A six week group course. A naturopathic journey to learn how to live more harmoniously with endometriosis.


POTS  & Dysautonomia Wellness Intensive

A 3 month one on one naturopathic package with close contact for thorough and intimate support.

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One on one naturopathic consultations.


I visited 5 different medical professionals before seeing Kimberly. After a long journey without answers and wasted money, Kimberly immediately distinguished herself from others by providing educated, thorough answers to every question, intuitively asking me questions others did not, all the while imparting knowledge that I continue to use in my life today. Kimberly does not work from a "nothing can be done" approach - with shown results! I will continue to seek her first should I ever face another health concern. I trust Kimberly entirely.

- Emma, Australia

Kim has been my guide in bettering my health in all natural ways you can imagine. From diet, to supplementation & lifestyle changes, she has an answer for everything. Struggling with POTS & Endo it has been so essential to have naturopathic care from someone who understands & also knows how to help. Truely a blessing!

- Annabel, Australia

"If you are dealing with endometriosis or infertility, I strongly recommend reaching out to Kim for a deeper understanding of your body. She has provided me with invaluable advice."

- Cristina, Australia

"I would say , just give it a go , be open minded and take it in small steps to adjust to your lifestyle. Kimberly is so kind and caring and more than supportive to tailor to you as well."

- Katherine, Australia

"Don’t think twice! You’ll be in great hands, supported & receiving care from someone who has been a qualified naturopath & nutritionist for over a decade. Her knowledge & experience makes for an incredible practitioner! She is the “walk the walk” real deal you want in your naturopath as she lives & breathes what she shares."

- Lara, Indonesia

We have our own home, new jobs, a wonderful community and travel relatively frequently. I say all this because this freedom to live our lives wouldn't have been possible without your treatment. I want to sincerely thank you for all that you did to help me and heal me in one of the worst seasons of my life.
I share my journey that I took with you very often with those around me because I genuinely attribute it as an answer to prayer from God. 
Thank you again for your intentionality, wisdom, and patience with me. People never guess that I went through years of constantly being sick or that period I spent with psoriasis/eczema ever happened because I healed so rapidly and so well. Seriously, I haven't been sick since we've last spoken. Maybe a cold. Just a miracle and I continue to look after myself.
I pray God continues to bless your Naturopathy business and it continues to be so fruitful.
All blessings and gratitude,

- Emma, Australia

The support I have received from Kimberly Kushner has been incredible. Trying to make sense of my symptoms has been tricky and Kimberly has gone above and beyond. Her care and attention has literally brought me to tears.

- Julie, Australia


Ready to take the next step to conquer your health issues holistically?

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Thank you

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