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"There is more wisdom in your body than in your deepest philosophies." - Nietsche​



Bali is a hub of wellness, where spas and beautiful hotels and resorts are abundant. 

  • Give your customers the unique opportunity to consult with a qualified naturopath and nutritionist on your premises.

  • Combine naturopathy with your customer's beauty regime/treatment. 

  • Creating treatment packages which incorporate naturopathic treatment (eg: detoxification or weight management)

  • Teach your staff about basic naturopathic principles so they can incorporate the philosophy into their work.

  • Naturopathic visits on call if required.

  • Staff education fees are calculated on a per hour basis including the time taken to create material. 

  • A comission based percentage split will be applied to guest bookings who book naturopathic consultations. 

  • Discount applied to groups who book consultations.

herbal medicine
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