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"We need to teach our children to eat real food. Just honest, nutritious real food."




  • Give your students a unique opportunity for interactive sessions with a naturopath/nutritionist as a guest speaker.

  • Sessions can be structured around upcoming events for students (eg: exam time, sports carnivals, etc..)

  • Workshops exploring common school-aged health concerns from a complementary medicine perspective:

    • Coping physcially and mentally for exams

    • Eating yourself smart

    • Habits for better concentration,

    • Lunch box revamp

    • Nutrition for better athletic performance

    • Girls' health: Should periods be a pain? What's normal and what should you be concerned about.

  • Group sessions can be split between males and females depending on the topic addressed.  

  • For all year groups from primary school to senior years. 

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group nutrition
childrens nutrition
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