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This is for every single endo sister who is serious about healing her body from the inside out. This guide is a labour of love, something that has been created with my genuine desire- that is to walk alongside you along your healing journey. If you don't know where to start- this is the place to begin, start with your food!

My ULTIMATE guide includes:

  • Information on my top recommendations on what to include and increase in your diet to support healing.
  • My recommendations of what to avoid and limit in your diet and WHY.
  • Recommendations on what to snack on
  • Advice on eating out
  • An easy to follow 7 day sample meal plan which gets the ball rolling for you so you can start eating to heal. You can use it as your foundation. Moving forward you can mix it up according to your preferences and how you are feeling.
  • A shopping list which includes my recommended brands (there are some yummy treats listed there too!)
  • AND MORE...


Every Endo Warrior’s Ultimate Dietary Guide

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