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COVID, POTS & endo- what you need to know...

2024 is just around the corner, and after a big year of clinical practice focusing on endometriosis and women's health, I've come to the realisation that my journey with endometriosis and POTS (a form of dysautonomia), is really NOT that unique.


I personally thought it was, but I honestly don't think it is.


I just think that there is definitely more awareness and both of these conditions are being diagnosed more.


Endo is being diagnosed more quickly (thank God!).


And POTS is something that more and more doctors are flagging and diagnosing.


I've personally been dealing with endo for 20+ years, and POTS for 10 (since I was pregnant with my first son- this is a whole other story which I'm happy to share if you want to know more).


The combination of these conditions have become more prevalent since covid, both as a result of the virus AS WELL AS the injection that they rolled out for the virus.


I am seeing a LOT of long covid (or injection reaction), POTS and Endo.


Before I go any further, I probably should explain what POTS is because you might not even know what I'm talking about!POTS stands for Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, it's when you change posture from lying to standing and your heart rate jumps by over 30 beats per minute. Your autonomic nervous system which normally regulates your heart rate and blood pressure is unable to do so properly in POTS.


You get symptoms like:

  • High heart rates or palpitations

  • Shortness of breath

  • Brain fog / fatigue

  • Presyncope/Syncope (fainting or feeling like you are going to faint)

  • Nausea

  • Headaches and migraines

  • Neck pain


And much more.


There is evidence emerging around DNA mutations that are common in POTS and long covid; involving Toll Like Receptors (a specific protein found on immune cells), mast cell and histamine metabolism, and a gene called COMT. There are many more and I will talk about this more in the coming weeks if this of interest to you.


These mutations drive up histamine sensitivity, dysregulate the immune system, and make us more sensitive to pain. We know that there is definitely immune dysfunction (including dysfunction of Toll Like Receptors), as well as histamine issues present in endometriosis.


PLUS, the COMT mutation we see in POTS and long covid, is common in women with endo. This gene is responsible for oestrogen detoxification, if it doesn't function properly you are less effective at breaking down and clearing oestrogen, which results in symptoms like:


  • Period pain

  • Breast tenderness

  • Mood swings

  • Heavy bleeding.


When I see cases of endo, POTS and a history of either long covid or symptoms that were triggered by the injection, I always attempt to stabilise the immune system first and foremost. Especially if there is a histamine sensitivity or excess histamine. We don't necessarily need to test if you have the genetic polymorphisms that would indicate histamine sensitivity/intolerance. After assessing your case history I'd just decipher if this is an issue we need to address for you- and it usually always is.


Here are some non-negotiables that I implement when we start a naturopathic protocol to address these issues:


  1. A low histamine diet (can be challenging, but I tell my patients all the time that I won't give anyone a diet to follow unless I've done it myself. I basically lived off white rice, chicken, cauliflower, apples and turmeric when I was really histamine-y and POTSy after my first child- I can tell you more about this too! Just let me know ;))

  2. Histamine metabolism clearance and support (I use supplemental Diamine Oxidase, the enzyme that breaks down histamine, as well as the nutrients which support DAO function)

  3. Specific probiotic strains which don't raise histamine levels (be careful as many will).

  4. On top of this I will do what is specific to YOU and your health picture, health goals etc..This includes testing.


This is an old photo that recently resurfaced of my son and I, I was in hospital as my dysautonomia/POTS was horrible during this season of life. This was his second birthday. This really tugs on my heart strings.


If any of what I said resonates with you, and you have just felt OFF since the virus, or since your injection, talk to me! Not many GPs or doctors have connected the dots, but you are NOT going crazy. What you are experiencing definitely has a root cause, and no it's not just post viral fatigue.


I want to know your story.


I want to help.


Get in touch and book in your free intro call HERE.


Or if you are the woman who has decided that you are READY to deal with her ROOT CAUSES of her endo symptoms once and for all- you absolutely need to get in touch.


My exclusive endometriosis support package is a full, private, one on one experience which includes consultations, WhatsApp support, and resources. You will literally have me in your corner.


We will be starting in January and there are a limited number of people that I work with. My promise is that I work closely with you to support your health journey. get in contact with me for more information.

Lots of love,



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